In 2011, with five other women, I crafted in Downtown Tucson, as well. As a way to build our downtown foot traffic and support downtown economics, our little band of enterprising women opened a Crafted Tucson: Urban Design Space. I personally have my handmade fabric surprise balls, purses and art snack packs for the shop. Although closed now, Crafted Tucson had  a gallery and connected people in conversation about the future of our city.

Crafting to me also means exploring my familia roots in Italian embroidery and silk-throwing, and I recently wrote for Taproot Magazine about my grandmother and her handwork.  It was one of the more satisfying writing assignments in my life; I’ll always cherish the experience.

So I am a crafter as well as a writer and marketer who also is a fan of building cities. Cities are vital to our communities and our quality of life. That’s why I believe in Downtown Tucson in my work: I write about it, I work within it and I volunteer as much as I can to support its activities.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever hasurprise balls, tucson, monica surfaro spigelmand. – Margaret Mead

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