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Hello fellow marketers. It’s cool to think about the future. Who or what will astound us next in terms of pushing the envelope on social media? Mobile! Location-based! Aggregates! We know for sure, as Wired Magazine tells us this month, that one of the most important shifts will come as the “digital world moves from the wide-open web to semi-closed platforms that use the Internet for transport to and from mobile devices.”

“Spheres of Social Media Influence: Where Social Media Leaders Are and Where You Need To Be To Harness New Media’s Power” – is what I’ve presented (along with fellow marketer-pal Julie Ray) at the YWCA 12th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference on September 17.  Tons of resources discussed. Here are a few suggestions (I’ll continue to update so check back often!)

Meet and Connect with our Social Media Leaders:

  • Carlotta Flores, owner and chef for six Tucson restaurants including historic El Charro, a food manufacturing plant and a new yogurt enterprise.  I respect Carlotta for her focus on heritage foods, regional culture, health and good cooking!
  • The Caliber Group Leadership Team of Linda Welter Cohen and Kerry Stratford — Caliber is the respected advertising, public relations, marketing and strategic branding firm. These women are tops!
  • Barb Gibson, Social Media and Intercultural Communication Consultant/Trainer and 2008-09 Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators. Awesome Barb stayed at my Tucson home during her USA speaking tour last year. She’s a great cook, too!
  • Don’t forget my pal and fabulous graphic-web designer/social media star Julie Ray! She is a beautiful and talented friend.
  • Lastly – Don’t forget Tucson Cowgirl! Please stay in touch with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Saluting all my fellow marketers who passionately believe in doing and communicating what’s good!
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