Social Media & Marketing Services

I am your communications partner in terms of writing, research, social media, online media, print publications, community engagement or special events.

Research, PR and Social Media Resources

Social Media toolboxes to promote personal interests or brand loyalty discussed here.
Simple SEO and Social Media guidelines reviewed here.

Websites – Content, SEO, Meta tags, Marketing your Online Presence:
Website Content, Navigation & Entertainment Marketing

Writing, White Papers, Guest Blogging, E-newsletters, Grant Writing, other Editorial:
Travel Assignments for betterRVing magazine, AAA Arizona Highroads, print and online.
Optimized online newsroom and press release sample.
Sampling of Monica’s articles from New York Times.
I am managing editor of a Cultural eJournal called BorderLore.
Take a look at my Tucson Meet Yourself magazine writing.
Feature writing samples for Tucson arts publications.
National music & entertainment news marketing.
Newsletter sample.

Business and non-profit events and marketing:
Sample of my business blogging and non-profit blogging.
I am project coordinator and managing editor of Continuum (a program documenting multicultural practices in end of life) for the Southwest Folklife Alliance. I was Folk Arts Director for Tucson Meet Yourself for five years.
I worked on social media and marketing for multiple Tucson Festival of Books.

I facilitate special events and produce e-books, blogs, white papers, articles, Q&As and an assortment of communications materials for both business and non-profit.

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  1. Ashley Jewett says:

    I follow you on Instagram as accidentxprone and my partner follows you as calamityrain. She recently asked about the process of buying a print from you. We were curious how we go about making that happen. Feel free to give me an email when you have the chance.

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