Students: Don’t Forget Social Media When Envisioning Career Development

Recently I spoke with a group of Art Institute of Tucson students about using social media for job hunting. Too many don’t keep their ear to the ground and don’t use social networking platforms to help them envision their career opportunities. The advice I gave was basic: If you’re a job seeker social media is an essential tool in networking!
•  Get yourself visible: Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook.
•  Build your Brand – Get yourself an online Social Media Resume and Portfolio.
•  Consider a Blog or other platform to share ideas, build business and networks.
•  Ask: What’s My Goal?
•  What are the key words that keep coming to mind when I think of my goal?
•  Search: Google, Bing, Yahoo
•  Identify people, businesses and groups of interest.
•  Connect, network, foster relationships, ask questions, make yourself known.

Enjoyed my mini teaching experience! I provided students with a post-class Resource Goodie Sheet; I also thought the following Social Media Resources were helpful links and shared them with the group:
From Yahoo News, a good story on using social media to find jobs.
An old resource list from Mashable is still helpful.
Can’t go wrong with Chris Brogan resources.
More useful Mashable tidbits here. And here.

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