A Most Honored Tucson Procession

All Souls Procession TucsonThe Tucson All Souls Procession — begun in 1990 by an artist who wanted to tie in with the region’s lovely Dia De Los Muertos traditions and at the same time remember her dad who had just died — is a grand Tucson event which engages everyone in our community. Designed to honor and grieve loved ones who have passed on, the evening is about Life and death, with all beauty and sorrow. It weaves a street-life public experience that is a lovely tapestry of music, culture, color and pomp. Congratulations and much success to the Many Mouths One Stomach community group who organizes the Procession, now in its 21st year.
Resource: (my article) http://www.downtowntucson.org/news/?p=2819

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