Love Local, Tucson

Yesterday I ate corn pancakes spiced with jalapeno syrup made by the masters at Tooley cafe, and shopped for handmade hair decos, journals and other family gifts in nearby Mast boutique. Just for fun I looked for locally published books at used bookstore Bookmans. I browsed Whole Foods Market for squash from the Tohono O’odham’s farm. Night approaching, I admired our Tucson sunset and then went off to enjoy a glass of wine and a serendipity concert by Yaqui artist Gabriel Ayala. A day of local has great meaning here in Tucson. Get out and admire/support the wonders that come from our region, please.
Shop local, sustainability, regional smart growth.

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  1. Tammy says:

    What a great message! and I will definitely visit the Tooley cafe when I’m next in town.

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