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surprise balls, tucson, monica surfaro spigelmanI’m a writer and marketer and I am a fan of building cities. Cities are vital to our communities and our quality of life.

Now, with five other women, I’m crafting in Downtown Tucson, as well. As a way to build our downtown foot traffic and support downtown economics, our little band of enterprising women has opened Crafted Tucson: An Urban Design Space. I personally have my handmade fabric surprise balls, purses and art snack packs in the shop. We also have a gallery. If you’re in Downtown Tucson, and want a conversation about the future of our city (or to shop for handmade gifts), drop by for a glass of wine or some cookies. I hope to see you there.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever had. – Margaret Mead

Special sad Tucson note:
My heart breaks in Tucson, my home for the past five years. A senseless act, hurting so many in this funky desert town. So many friends have questioned the move from New York City to this state. I’ve tried to explain the strength and beauty of this vast region, its wildly beautiful nature, arts and culture.  The horrible act is a reflection of our world’s unrest, stress, a pervasive lack of gentleness and respect for all creatures and nature.
In the weeks ahead, I pray for Gabby, for those injured and killed. I also pray for our world and for humankind.

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