Around Tucson’s Table of Tradition: Grateful for Small and Local

This weekend, it’s appropriate to reflect on localism and our reinvestment in all things local. From native ingredients that satisfy the foodie culture, to new respect for local nature, arts and culture — America is paying homage to the close-up world around us, gathered within a defined radius, up to 500 miles.

Architecture and the built environment is important locally too — it is a legacy written in structures of brick and mortar. In the midst of all this economic chaos we look to our local communities for new sources of strength. Great Communities Are Memorable Places, especially now. They are centers of local culture, health, nature, arts, structures, economy, history and well-being. They inspire people to live, work, play and imagine a better world.

Go out and support the businesses, foods, the culture, the public or built spaces, the nature around us or the arts that help you define your local sense of place. And know that — whatever your focus — it is all interconnected.

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